Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Building Human Capital: Recommendations for the Movement

Building Human Capital for Communication

Due to an overall lack of capital to hire communications and technology experts to specialize in promoting the goals of the movement in BC, it is recommended that the movement build human capital to increase the numbers of movement members skilled in media and information technologies. Where there is skill in this area (usually the youth portion of the movement), there is great work being produced to further the movement. A potential approach then would be for the youth groups to educate the rest of the movement on these technologies and processes.

1. Arrange for basic media and communication training for movement members (Potentially run as communication and media workshops across BC designed by communications professionals as volunteers) or as online modules.

2. Arrange for the training of movement members in the development of story frames, press release formats and speaking to the media

3. Arrange for the training of movement members in website and online media design

4. Educate members on writing for radio, newspapers and television

5. Provide training on social networking and online communication such as Facebook, Twitter, Ning and blogging which have become popular sites for public communication and viral marketing

6. Provide training on the development of podcasts, video production and distribution online. The video from the How Sustainability Education? A Solutions Summit event is a great example of the potential of expertise in this area.

7. Arrange for training of movement members in design principles and Adobe Creative Suite

8. Arrange for the training of movement members in basic photography

9. Arrange for the training of movement members in information technology such as webcasting, video conferencing, online document sharing and telephone conferencing

10. Partner with SFU Centre for Dialogue to provide training and skill building in dialogue, negotiation and facilitation

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