Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Human Capital for Communication

Human Capital

The focus on human capital in the Communication Capital Framework is on the set of skills and knowledge that may in some cases be institutionalized and fit under the institutionalized state of cultural capital as outlined by Bourdieu but for this movement may not be. Human capital in this framework is the focus on increasing the numbers of people and organizations within the movement who have a solid set of technical, strategic and community empowerment communication skills.

Media & Design
Media capital in this framework represents the capacity of movement members to gain access to the dominant media and develop alternative media of their own. Access to and knowledge of the available tools and resources for media production and public relations efforts can make the difference between having movement voices heard, ignored or disregarded.

Information Technology
Information technology capital in this framework represents the capacity of movement members to effectively utilize the new information technologies available. Basic awareness of social networking media, video and web conferencing tools, blogging and online document sharing is not enough. Building information technology capital would mean that movement members feel highly competent in the use of these technologies and processes and can utilize them freely for movement communication.

Dialogue and Negotiation
The ability to negotiate and engage in dialogue is a skill that movement members need formal training in and experience with.

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